Springfree Trampoline Review– 8x11ft Medium Oval With Basketball Hoop & Ladder

The latest trend when it comes to trampolines is surely Springfree's spring-less design that will keep your children safe and still make them happy and active. Since Springfree trampolines are made of high quality materials and they are designed to last, you can say that this is a great investment for something that can keep your children occupied for years to come, and the best thing is that you can jump too and spend some family time on the trampoline. The fact that these trampolines are designed to withstand SUV's weight speaks enough of its quality.

Springfree 11ft Medium Oval Trampoline with Basketball Hoop and Ladder is the best thing for you if you want a backyard trampoline that will save you some space for gardening, but that will be big enough for all your neighbors' kids to enjoy it. This trampoline is once in a lifetime investment since it was built to last and it can handle a lot. Jump mat as well as the safety net were both made of UV resistant polypropylene which means that you can freely leave your trampoline outside during winter season and it will still look the same as it was when you first unpacked it. Patented rod based system is actually the thing that makes Springfree trampoline different from other trampolines, this means that there is not even one string in the whole trampoline construction, which makes this trampoline one of the safest in the world. Nearly 90% of all trampoline related injuries happen because of the trampoline strings and steel poles which means Springfree found a way to keep your children completely safe. Springfree trampoline frame is beyond the jumping area and it is elastic, whenever your kid jumps towards the FlexiNet and a pole beyond it both FlexiNet and a pole will move away in the same direction, making it impossible for your kid to fall out of trampoline or hit his/hers head on the pole. This will give you a little time for yourself since you won't have to constantly keep an eye on your kids.

  • Springfree Trampoline – 8x11ft Medium Oval With Basketball Hoop & Ladder
  • Dimensions: 8x11ft
  • Shipping Weight: 233 pounds
  • Jumper weight: 220 lbs
  • Structural load capacity: 1100 pounds
  • World's safest trampoline

This trampoline's mat is 8x11ft long which is equivalent to 10x13ft spring trampoline which means Springfree trampoline maximizes your jumping area by disposing of dangerous springs and using the space they occupied as additional jumping mat area. Springfree 11ft Medium Oval Trampoline is not only kids trampoline or toddler trampoline it is a trampoline for a whole family. Jumper weight this trampoline supports is about 200pounds which means you will get a chance to act like a child once again. Structural Load Capacity of this trampoline is about 1100 pounds and the height between the jumping mat and the ground is not so high and it does not exceed 2ft. FlexrStep are the ladders that link the ground to the jumping mat and allow easier entry, they also come with a lock so you can prevent your children from jumping unsupervised. Height of the FlexiNet above mat is a little above 5ft which makes this Springfree trampoline extremely safe, even for older and taller children as well as for your little ones. The total height of complete trampoline construction is about 9ft. The size of the trampoline is medium which means you will be able to spare some backyard space, Springfree also designs large trampolines which can easily occupy your whole backyard. 

Medium size trampoline has enough space for your kids to jump around and sometimes even you, but they still allow you to have some place to yourself when you do not feel like jumping. Installation process is not complicated at all, even though you could need a hand to help you out a little, following the instructions on the manual should be enough.

Even though the trampoline itself is outstanding product and it is bound to keep you and your family happy, there is one more accessory that makes it even more attractive. FlexrHoop includes basketball hoop and backboard as well as the basketball ball all made of the same material as the trampoline, which makes it impossible to get hurt by hoop or ball. FlexrHoop is a great way to add a little more fun to your trampoline experience and it is really great for children who want to practice playing basketball and slam dunking. Besides, your child does not have to be the one who is having fun slam dunking, it could be you, you can even organize competition in slam dunking, after all it would be well spent family time.

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